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We are excited to share our program with you!  Please enjoy browsing through our new website.  Be sure to give us feedback on what you would like to see or how we can improve!  Our goal is to make this site interactive, user-friendly, informative and above all else, useful for you and your child.

Who are "we", you ask?

"We" are the Title I Reading/Math Specialists for Michigan Center School District!

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Brushaber work with 1st grade Reading Recovery students as well as kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade literacy groups at Arnold Elementary.

Mrs. Porter works with 3rd and 4th grade literacy groups at Keicher Elementary, as well as 1st grade Reading Recovery students at Arnold Elementary.

Mrs. Bristol (math specialist) works with 3rd through 6th grade math groups at Keicher Elementary.

Ms. Bullinger works with 5th grade literacy groups and 6th grade special education students at Keicher.

    November Reading Tips 
  1. Have your child help you with recipes from cookbooks or mixes. Ask them to read ingredients, measure, mix, and clean up!
  2.  Make thank you notes, birthday cards, valentines, and invitations together. Use stamps, stickers, cut-outs to decorate them and have your child write or copy the message.
  3. At the grocery store let children find items on your list and cross them off. Have them find coupon items, read ingredients, and compare prices. 

Click here to open the Reading Connections Newsletter for grades K-3.


Click here to open the Reading Connections Newsletter for grades 4-6. 

Have you read to your child today?

Why you should:

  • Children learn to read by being read to
  • Children learn to read by reading
  • Children who know that books are fun and interesting want to learn to read
  • Children who think they can read are confident enough to try

  1. Hold your child on your lap, or have them sit close to you.  Make reading time a warm, pleasant experience.
  2. Hold the book so that your child can see the print.  Point to the words as you read.  Beginning readers must learn where to begin, which way to go, and what is a word.
  3. Read and reread a favorite book many, many times.
  4. When the story is almost memorized, try shared reading with your child chiming in or taking turns reading parts of the book.
  5. Ask your child to retell the story.  Help if you need to.  Aim for understanding, not perfect word reading!

Arnold Title I Powerpoint

Click to watch the presentation from Arnold Curriculum Night regarding the Arnold Elementary Title I program.  This short presentation provides information about what services we offer at Arnold, how we identify students, and grade level reading goals.

Take our Title I Parent Exit Survey

Title I Parent survey

We would like your feedback about the services your child has received.  We will use the information to improve our program.  Please take a moment to complete this survey. 

***You will only be able to complete the survey one time, so we ask that you please wait until your child's services are complete (you will be notified) before you participate.  Thank you!


Check out our Parent Involvement Plans!

Click here to see the Arnold Elementary Parent Involvement Plan.

Click here to see the Keicher Elementary Parent Involvement Plan. 

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